LAHORE (Today News) – Son of PML-Q leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Shafay Hussain, said on Saturday that Parvez Elahi should start his own party after leaving the PTI.

In a joint interview with Chaudhry Sarwar with media outside the Corps Commander House, Hussain said that Mr. Elahi would be welcome to visit the family but that it would be preferable for him to start his own political party.

As a result of the PTI chief’s imprisonment in the Al-Qadir Trust case, he also denounced the assaults on Jinnah House, stating, “The miscreants burned everything at the House.”

Mr. Sarwar said that when he was in the US, he made an effort to inform US Congressmen that Pakistan had beaten terrorism on its own despite the fact that the US had spent billions of dollars fighting the battle. He said, “The whole nation supports the Pakistan Army, and we must band together.

Prior to his second arrest, an anti-corruption court deferred its decision about the PTI President Parvez Elahi’s physical remand in two corruption cases. As a result of denouncing the assaults on May 9, hundreds of legislators have quit the PTI.

In two corruption charges, Mr. Elahi appeared in court in Gujranwala today (Saturday). In a statement, the police said that security had been stepped up around the court in advance of Mr. Elahi’s presence to prevent any undesirable circumstances.

At the Gujranwala directorate of the anti-corruption agency (AEC), two charges have been filed against the PTI leader. He is charged with accepting $2 billion in payments from many development projects.

The ACE requested with the court to allow the physical detention of Mr. Elahi so that he could be questioned about the cases.

Moments after Mr. Elahi received his release from the corruption case on Friday, the anti-corruption body detained him once again outside a court in Lahore.

Suhail Zafar Chattha, director general of ACE, said that the department will appeal the Lahore court’s decision in court. “The verdict has been announced in contrast to the merit,” he continued.

The anti-corruption squad had asked for the senior politician’s physical detention for 14 days so they could question him about the matter. The judge listened to all parties’ arguments before making her judgement.

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