DIR BALA – Anju, a married lady who travelled to Pakistan from India after making a Facebook friend, married Nasrullah, a Dir Bala native, on Tuesday.

Anju and Nasrullah were married at the District Courts of Dir.

It should be remembered that Anju, 34, arrived in Pakistan after contacting Nasrullah on Facebook in 2019. She arrived by informing her spouse she was travelling to Jaipur, India.

Anju had converted to Christianity in order to marry Arvind, her Indian spouse.

On the other side, Nasrallah, 29, issued a statement after the story went viral on Pakistani and Indian media two days ago, in which he said that the two had no plans to marry.

Nasrullah said that he has no plans to marry Anju.

“Anju will return to her home country when her visa expires on August 20.” “She lives in a separate room with other women in my family,” he said.