At least 12 people have died as a result of water scarcity in many sections of the country, and hundreds more are at risk.

Hundreds of animals, including sheep and goats, are dying of dehydration as a result of a shortage of water in Cholistan.

Residents in the region allege that the Dera Bugti’s gas is utilised all across the country, but that there isn’t a drop of water for the people of Pir Koh.

They claimed that the mineral-rich country’s population desire for every drop of water, while the situation in Pir Koh has worsened to the point of being worse than Tharparkar.

They went on to explain that many important lives have been lost in recent days, and hundreds more are still in danger; in the meantime, public authorities are awaiting elections, but no one is concerned about the fate of these unfortunate people.

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