ISLAMABAD : The attorney general notified the Supreme Court on Thursday during the hearing of petitions challenging the Supreme Court (Practise and Procedure) Act, 2023, that the federal government has chosen to examine the legislation in cooperation with the top court.

The case was heard by an eight-person bigger bench under the leadership of Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial.

The government’s 2023 Supreme Court (Practise and Procedure) Bill was adopted by the legislature and signed into law by the president. The federal government has agreed to examine the practise and procedure act, the court was told during the hearing.

The statute will now be modified, according to the attorney general, with input from the Supreme Court. The modification, according to Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, would bring about legal concord.

The practise and procedure bill and the revision legislation both include comparable elements, according to the attorney general. To prevent conflict, the two statutes will be reviewed again.

“You are dealing with the issue of the Supreme Court,” the top justice stated to the attorney general. There won’t be a disagreement if the administration consults the court on these issues. The complete court will listen to your arguments if you want them to do so.

The top justice said, “Reviewing the legislation will be a purely intellectual activity. Therefore, we need first specify the dispute’s parameters. The hearing mechanism will become more focused after the scope is set.

The hearing on petitions challenging the Supreme Court (Practise and Procedure) Act, 2023, was later postponed till the following week by the court.

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