Apple Inc (AAPL.O) is retiring the iPod, more than 20 years after it became the face of portable music and launched Apple’s stratospheric rise to become the world’s most valuable business.

Apple stated in a blog post on Tuesday that the iPod Touch, the only version of the portable music player still being offered, will be available till supplies last.

Since its introduction in 2001, the iPod has battled a slew of rival music players before succumbing to smartphones, online music streaming, and, within Apple’s own ranks, the iPhone’s rise.

Since its beginnings, the iPod has gone through multiple revisions, each with a scroll wheel, 1,000 song storage capacity, and a 10-hour battery life. The iPod Touch, which is still in use today, was introduced in 2007, the same year as the iPhone.

In 2015, Apple ceased disclosing iPod sales.

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