According to a Washington Post article Wednesday, which was partially validated by AFP, Facebook’s owner Meta has engaged a consulting firm to carry out a US campaign disparaging its competitive competitor TikTok.

The effort purportedly involves sending letters to major US news sites and publicising unfavourable reports about TikTok, all while employing aggressive methods like to those used in Washington politics.

Meta, which lost hundreds of billions of dollars in value early this year owing to questions about its future, is locked in a battle with the video sharing site popular among youthful social media users.

“We believe all platforms, including TikTok, should receive a level of scrutiny commensurate with their rising success,” Meta said in a one-line reaction to the piece.

Targeted Victory, a consulting business, affirmed working with Meta and did not deny spreading bad material about TikTok.

“We’re pleased of the work we’ve done to expose the hazards of TikTok,” said the company’s CEO, Zac Moffatt, in a tweet.

Employees at Targeted Victory sought to discredit TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese business ByteDance, by encouraging a campaign to paint it as a risk to American youngsters, according to the Post, citing internal emails from the firm.

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