KARACHI — The Rawalpindi-bound Green Line and the opposite-direction Fareed Express nearly avoided a collision when the former’s engine derailed at Ghotki, a town in northern Sindh that borders Punjab.

According to sources, the Green Line’s engine derailed at the Ghotki Railway Station while passing the Freed Express on its route to Karachi.

As a consequence, the Green Line remained blocked at the Ghotki Railway Station’s loop line, and Pakistan Railways officials said that they had sent a relief train from Rohri to clear the track due to issues with the trains’ operation.

Later that day, at 10:30 a.m., it was announced that the Green Line’s joruney towards Ralwpindi will shortly resume after the track was cleaned and a new engine was mounted to the train.

Ghotki lies on the major route that links Karachi, Pakistan’s southernmost metropolis, with other sections of the nation, including Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar.

As a result, the Peshawar-bound Khyber Mail was previously halted at Pano Aqil, a town south of Ghotki.

Meanwhile, Railways authorities said the reason of the disaster has not yet been determined, and the restoration of normal service may take some time.

The Fareed Express is a passenger train that travels from Karachi to Lahore via Pakpattan after being diverted off the Karachi-Peshawar main line at Lodharan Railway Station.

Fortunately, not only were all of the Green Line’s carriages unharmed, but the engine also did not collide with the Fareed Express. As a consequence, all passengers and crew on the two trains were unharmed.

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