Webdesk – Zeenat Aman revealed that she had persuaded three of her followers to colour their hair when she initially joined the site in her 50th Instagram post.

Zeenat shared a beautiful selfie on Instagram in which she proudly displayed her gray hair. She sent a lengthy, inspirational message advising her readers to be confident in their innate identities.

Grey hair, grey weather, and a touch of color to balance it all, she wrote. Although it wasn’t my intention, my grey hair has turned into a statement.

Since I made my Instagram debut, at least three individuals have been motivated to quit coloring their hair, according to a tweet I saw yesterday.

I thought this was a lovely compliment. More so, I’d be thrilled if embracing my natural hair encouraged others to do the same.

In light of this, I’d want to thank everyone with magnificent silver hair in honor of my 50th Instagram post! Please post a picture of yourself (or a loved one) with gray hair and include my name in it, she asked.

“I would like using your images to my own story. Life isn’t always black and white; sometimes it’s grey, the 71-year-old actress said.