PESHAWAR – Ajmal Wazir, former spokesman for the PTI-led government in KP, announced his resignation from the party on Saturday, becoming the eleventh party leader to do so.

During a news conference, he bemoaned “what was done to the sculpture of Colonel Sher Khan who sacrificed his life for Pakistan” during the PTI’s rallies over Imran Khan’s detention. “Look at the inflation and the people’s situation,” he remarked.

Mr Khan used to trust anything he was taught.

He went on to argue that he had two options: either denounce the 9/5 violence or remain quiet. “If I condemn it, I will be violating the party’s discipline,” he continued.

Mr Wazir joined the PTI in July of last year and was elected to the provincial legislature in August of this year.

Previously, former KP health minister Dr Hisham Inamullah Khan announced his departure from the party.

In a news conference, he said that he did not make his choice under pressure, but he was saddened by the events of May 9.

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