Islamabad (A News) The Cabinet Division must furnish information about gifts that Pakistan’s presidents and prime ministers have received since 1947, according to a Monday order from the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

The instruction was given during an examination of the petition submitted by Abu Zar Salman Niazi by Justice Mian Gull Hassan Aurangzeb.

The petitioner’s attorney stated at the beginning of the hearing that his client had requested information about the gifts that presidents and prime ministers had received since 1947, but the Cabinet Division had refused to release it on the grounds that it was classified. He added that, despite having been in effect for five months, an order issued by the Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) on June 29 had not been carried out.

Justice Aurangzeb questioned the exclusion of the remaining government employees. “Why are you sticking to presidents and prime ministers only? This demonstrates your ambition, as each petition that is received concerns the prime minister “.

According to the deputy attorney general, the documents from before 1990 would not be accessible, and such material ought to be posted on the website, he told the court.

Finally, the court ordered the Cabinet Division to not apply the Pakistan Information Commission’s ruling and requested a report within a month.

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