LAHORE : Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and a former prime minister, is scheduled to appear before the Lahore High Court in a bail plea relating to a case involving protesting outside the Pakistani Election Commission, in accordance with the court’s instructions.

Tight security measures have been taken both inside and outside the courthouse on this occasion.

Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was given the option by the LHC earlier today to appear before it by 5 p.m. about his bail request in a case involving a demonstration outside the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP).

The ruling was made by Judge Tariq Saleem Sheikh of the LHC as he was considering Imran Khan’s request for bail.

Imran Khan’s attorney informed the court during the hearing that while their client was scheduled to appear before the court for the hearing, the Mall road was very congested and he could only go to court if the route was free.

Nevertheless, owing to worries about the security of the PTI Leader, Judge Sheikh put on hold the cause list of further cases scheduled for hearing before him.

Imran Khan will reportedly be transported to court in a car, and access for his car into the LHC grounds was requested, according to the reports.

Imran Khan’s counsel, Khawaja Tariq Rahim, informed the court that Imran Khan’s tardiness from his presence at 2pm was due to security concerns.

At this point, Judge Sheikh pointed out that he was under no obligation to address the security problem and emphasised that, in order to prevent an unwarranted throng, only relevant attorneys should attend court.

Judge Sheikh said that everyone was subject to the same laws.

He said that Imran Khan need to be from the same place as the average person.

Imran Khan’s private team has already visited the high court and examined security measures there and nearby. Party officials, including Shibli Faraz and Shah Mahmood Qureshi, as well as PTI chief’s attorney Azhar Siddique, arrived in court. Mr. Khan will appear in court for the first time since becoming the target of an assassination attempt in October of last year.

Because to security concerns, a plea asking for permission for PTI chairman Imran Khan’s car to enter the court grounds was earlier that day refused by an administrative judge of the LHC.

Shibli Faraz, the leader of the PTI, petitioned for the party chairman to be granted security clearance. Judge Abid Aziz Shaikh delivered the decision.

In light of the threats against the former premier who was injured in an assassination attempt in Wazirabad last year, he made the appeal.

A similar appeal was denied by a two-member bench led by Judge Baqar Najfi after the PTI leader failed to show up in court despite being given several opportunities to do so. But, a single bench gave him a second chance to show up on Monday.

Previously, Judge Abid Aziz Shaikh noted a discrepancy between Imran Khan’s signatures on the affidavit and the power of attorney, which were both attached to the bail plea. The court said that the situation was serious and that the petition or the solicitor may get a notice of contempt.

Judge Shaikh ordered the petitioner to show up in person to make the declaration after Mr. Khan’s attorney claimed the PTI leader owned his signatures. Then, the court postponed the hearing until February 20.

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