ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Danila Ganich, the Russian ambassador to Pakistan, said that US worries about former prime minister Imran Khan’s visit to Moscow and “severe internal domestic difficulties” led to Khan’s removal from office.

Mr. Khan visited Russia in February of last year and was criticised for doing so during a Kremlin campaign on Ukraine. The former prime minister, who was removed from office in April via a vote of no confidence, has said that he was unaware of the development.

“I believe we cannot see it. Certainly, when you have dissatisfaction on the side of the superpower, which the United States is undeniably, you have difficulties,” he told the journalist.

The ambassador was of the opinion that Imran Khan “certainly upset the White House” by refusing to end his visit to Russia when instructed to do so. Mr. Ganich said that his dismissal was due to a “factor” and not a “cause.”

He said that his journey to Russia at the time of the Ukraine conflict was a “coincidence” and that the PTI leader paid the price for visiting Russia.

In addition to US discontent, he was removed from his position as prime minister due to grave domestic issues, he added, adding that US discontent generates difficulties.

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