QUETTA — Quetta police booked Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday for “inciting officials of state institutions.”

On the request of Abdul Khalil Khakar, a lawsuit was filed against the ousted premier, which included rules for the prevention of technological crimes.

The FIR took the viewpoint that Mr Khan made unsubstantiated claims against state institutions, and that he promoted enmity by making provocative comments against public institution personnel.

“Today two additional FIRs have been lodged against Imran Khan,” Mr Chaudhry stated on Twitter. One FIR has been launched in Quetta and the other in Islamabad”.

“With the additional instances, the number of cases against Imran Khan has climbed to 75,” Mr Chaudhry said. This regime has neither shame or humility”.

PTI Leader Imran Khan, on the other hand, had been arrested in another case at the Racecourse police station.

In addition to Shibli Faraz, more than 150 PTI employees were named in the case.

The charge was filed on behalf of Nadeem Tahir, SHO Secretariat Islamabad, and it was claimed that PTI members encircled Islamabad police when they arrived to arrest Imran Khan.

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According to the FIR, it was done with Imran Khan’s design, and PTI supporters threatened police officers with death, and PTI leaders acted aggressively with the police force.

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