(AFP) – The law, which has broad cross-party support and is exceedingly rare in France’s present hostile political atmosphere, was approved by the National Assembly of France after being submitted by members of the Socialist Party and President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance group.

Right-leaning senators in the Senate approved the proposal in a vote.

consumer defence

The Socialist Party’s Arthur Delaporte and Renaissance Party’s Stephane Vojetta jointly proposed the legislation, claiming that it would “protect consumers, especially the younger ones” and that “the law of the jungle is over.”

Although many influencers have a small following, certain celebrities with millions of subscribers have the power to change consumer behaviour, particularly among young people.

The legislation seeks to establish influencers as legitimate business entities that advertise goods and services using their notoriety.

It forbids or strictly controls the marketing of a number of medical products as well as some procedures, such as cosmetic surgery.

Additionally, it targets games of chance and sports betting. Influencers won’t be permitted to advertise sports forecast subscriptions any more, and platforms with the ability to block minor access will be the only ones allowed to advertise games of chance.

Infringers risk up to two years in jail and penalties of 300,000 euros.

End of March saw the welcoming of “commendable and essential proposals” by the Union of Influencers and Content Creators, a new organisation formed to represent participants in the industry. However, it cautioned lawmakers against the possibility of “discriminating against or over-regulating” certain players.

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