KARACHI: The Karachi Meat Merchant Association (MMA) declared on Friday that meat consumption in the city has decreased by 70% and demanded an investigation on the spread of LSD.

The Meat Merchants advocated for research on the spread of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD).

In a statement, the Meat Merchant Association praised DOW University and the Sindh government for their efforts to solve the issue. According to the research, the Meat Merhcents have been the hardest impacted by the LSD pandemic.

According to the Meat Merchants Association, meat consumption in the city has decreased to fewer than 1,000 animals per day, which is only around 30% of what it was before the epidemic.

The statement continued by recommending that the Director-General of Livestock investigate the disease’s rapid spread among cattle. The Association is ready to collaborate with the government and other authorities to tackle the current pandemic.

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