She had gone on her own and married a man named Zaheer Ahmad, a Lahore native.

Dua Zehra Kazmi, 14, who went missing outside her house in Karachi’s Golden Town district on April 16 was found on Monday in Lahore (today).

According to authorities, Dua Zahra was not abducted since she went on her own and married a man named Zaheer Ahmad, a Lahore resident.

The Lahore police have taken the adolescent into jail. The Punjab and Sindh police departments are in contact and will publish further information as soon as possible, as well as Dua’s video statement.

She is apparently in police custody, and the investigating team is preparing to return her to Karachi.

Meanwhile, the girl’s father stated that he was uninformed of the issue and had not been told of any developments in the case by the investigating team.

On the other hand, Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Murad Ali Shah said at a news conference that the teenager has been found and that the police are looking into the other two missing females.

On the basis of a complaint from her father, who featured in a video, the police launched a search for her.

According to police officials, all efforts are being made to locate the girl, and they are hopeful that the case will be resolved soon.

Her father clarified that there was no CCTV footage present, no one witnessed her escape, and there is no evidence of any kidnapping as of yet.

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