LAHORE (Today News) — Imran Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), stated on Friday that protests would be held in four cities on May 6 to demonstrate solidarity with the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP).

In a video-link address, the former prime minister attacked the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), stating, “The PTI will fight with the PDM until the last ball.” The administration has no strategy for steering the country’s economy in the proper direction.”

He asked the people to march to the streets in support of the Chief Justice, saying that this was a critical moment for everyone to rally behind the Supreme Court. Mr Khan has said that he would lead the protest in Lahore.

Mr. Khan continued to attack his opponents while accusing the current administration of using illegitimate techniques. He went on to say, “These people used to taunt me by asking to dissolve the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies for the sake of elections.”

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“Our basic rights have been violated.” We will make any sacrifice for the benefit of the nation. We are not going to flee the nation. We’ve been battling the mafia. Excuses are being made under the guise of (IMF) negotiations,” Mr. Khan said.
Mr Khan stated of the inflation rate during his term, “During our tenure, the inflation rate was 12.5 percent, which has now risen to 36.5 percent.”

“I have repeatedly stated that the current rulers are incompetent in controlling the situation in the country,” he bemoaned. Within a year, the country’s exports decreased. At the conclusion of our administration, the country’s foreign currency reserves had reached an all-time high.”

Mr Khan said of the polls, “I will agree with the government to hold simultaneous elections if the government can present its economic plan by October.”

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“The current rulers have resorted to the tactics of ending the PTI’s politics at any cost,” Mr Khan continued. The administration would only call elections if it believes the PTI has been weakened.”

He remembered that the Punjab Assembly elections were scheduled on May 14 according to a Supreme Court ruling. Mr Khan went on to add that the government will not accept the Supreme Court’s verdict in this matter.

“When the government refuses to obey the court’s decision, there is no protection of basic human rights,” he continued.

Mr Khan asked the people to go to the streets on Wednesday.

Mr Khan sent a special video address to the nation in which he expressed sympathy with the CJP and said that the country was at a critical point.

Mr Khan slammed the PDM, saying, “The country is experiencing historic inflation and rising unemployment.” The mafia has taken over our nation. “The government is concerned about losing the elections.”

He attacked the administration, claiming that it is disseminating propaganda against the CJP and justices.

“I appeal to the nation that everyone come out of their homes, streets, and neighbourhoods to express solidarity with the CJP before Maghrib prayer on Saturday,” Mr Khan said.

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