LAS VEGAS (Web Desk) – After squash, Pakistan gained another sporting distinction when Muhammad Inayatullah won the main event of the World Scrabble Championship (WESPAC).

Muhammad Inayatullah, a Pakistani scrabble player, won the scrabble tournament held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from July 21 to July 25.

With his outstanding performance in the championship’s Late Bird event, Inayatullah won all of his games in a very competitive field.

The Pakistani player upset Canada’s previous world champion Joel Wapnick and was undefeated throughout the competition.

Ade Tomiwa of Nigeria finished second in the worldwide tournament.
Sumbul Siddiqui of England, a Pakistani immigrant who moved to the United Kingdom a few years ago, took third place. This year, she was the only female player to earn a spot in the tournament.

David Eldar of Australia and Harshan Lambadasurya of England would compete in the premier category final.
Waseem Khatri, another Pakistani, ended in 33rd place.

Khatri went off to a flying start in the Early Bird event, being the first Pakistani to do so only before the final.
Last year, Khatri finished second in the event.

Furthermore, with three games remaining, Pakistan’s Hammad Hadi Khan has won the Diamond category. Hadi won the Diamonds category after winning 21 of 24 games.

He previously won the Princess Cup in Thailand in 2017 and the World Scrabble Championship open division in England in 2018.