LAHORE – Saturday, while unleashing a rant against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senior vice president and party main organiser Maryam Nawaz declared that the previous governing party destroyed the country’s economy and that her party is rebuilding.

In her informal conversation with journalists on Saturday, she stated that the PML-N has always been the PML-N and that the party encountered challenges following Nawaz Sharif’s departure.

Maryam added that the PML-N has decided Nawaz Sharif’s importance to the party, adding that the PTI is not emerging from its bunkers and Imran Khan is hiding like a mouse and refusing to appear in court.

The PML-main N’s organiser went on to explain that there is no shame in announcing that the party is prepared to run for office, adding that they would not get a favourable reaction from the people owing to inflation, but the masses are aware of the situation.

“They know that the PML-N could not have a rally once in the four years of Imran’s administration,” she said, and adding Mr. Khan and his colleagues were victims of their own behaviour, we too knew what they were doing, and such individuals should not escape justice.

Maryam said, “Accountability is not for retribution, but we must draw a line and develop a plan of action for the future times,” adding that there is no longer a wonderful game, and the characters are exposed to the country.

“I want to persuade the judges that responsibility does not make institutions weak, and the elements that cast fingers at the judiciary must be stopped and held accountable,” she continued.

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