LAHORE (Web Desk) – Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), slammed Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah for attempting to terrorise the country by outing a fake conspiracy against women in order to “cover up horror stories about to break in the media.”

The former prime minister tweeted a tape from Sanaullah’s news conference on Sunday in which he discussed wiretapping a phone conversation. The topic of discussion was an alleged plan to arrange a rape and accuse law enforcement of the horrible crime in order to get international support for a human rights violation.

This news conference by this convicted felon should dispel any worries about the mistreatment of women in prisons.

He is blatantly attempting to hide and stop the horror tales from reaching the media.

“If there were any doubts about women being mistreated in jails, this press conference from this certified criminal should remove all such doubts,” Imran said in his tweet. He is blatantly attempting to hide and stop the horrifying news articles from breaking.

“Women have never been so mistreated and harassed by the state as they have been by this fascist govt when they were exercising their right to protest peacefully,” the PTI leader said in his tweet.

It may be noted that the media has covered the law enforcement officials’ “gross misbehaviour” with the female relatives of PTI leaders. Usman Dar’s home was once invaded by the police, who also abused his mother badly. Police have also repeatedly assaulted and dragged female protestors.

Press conference in Sanaa

In a news conference held at after midnight on Saturday, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said that the PTI had planned to draw attention to human rights abuses in Pakistan by simulating a raid on a party member’s home and inflicting shooting and rape victims.

The minister said that a plot to assassinate a PTI employee during a staged raid was being discussed on a phone that was intercepted by security authorities.

He indicated that the plan was to be carried out tonight and that the second component of the scheme was to conduct a rape.

He claimed that the conversation’s participants were being watched.

According to the minister, the aim of his “midnight televised address is to promptly alert the nation about the malicious intentions of the plotters.”

Sanaullah reaffirmed the government’s commitment to prosecuting individuals responsible for the May 9 incidents.


Imran further denounced the searches that occurred late on Saturday night on the homes of PTI leaders Omar Ayub and Shahzad Akbar.

He added: “There were nighttime raids on the homes of Omar Ayub and Shahzad Akbar (who is not even in the nation).” We are now in the dark ages.Constitutionally flawed, court rulings openly disregarded, homes broken into and destroyed without a warrant, media restrained, and no one to defend our basic rights.

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