KARACHI (Web Desk) — Police have detained three individuals after geofencing as the investigation into the terrorist assault on the Karachi Police Headquarters broadens.

The action was done by the Sindh Police’s Counter Terrorism Directorate (CTD), which conducted several searches in Sohrab Goth and other locations of the southern port city. Security personnel have retrieved certain cellphone SIM cards from suspects who have been sent to an unknown location for questioning.

Police officers are tracking down the owners of more than 100 suspect mobile phone numbers. It has been revealed that a dozen phone numbers have been turned off after the terrorist incident. The news came a day after police detained ten people in separate operations.

Meanwhile, authorities are looking into whether the terrorists had assistance from inside to carry out the braze assault. According to a senior police official, the terrorists cut the barbed wires from a place not monitored by CCTV cameras. He also said that attempts were being made to find two individuals who met the terrorists outside the KPO before to the incident.

The dead toll in the KPO terrorist incident rose to five on Sunday, when another wounded police officer died of his injuries at a hospital. Abdul Latif, a member of the Karachi police’s security section, was taken to Jinnah Hospital after being shot in the incident.

The city police have started an investigation into the terrorist assault on the Karachi Police Headquarters (KPO). The case was opened when Saddar Station House Officer (SHO) Khalid Hussain filed a complaint under the murder and attempted murder provisions of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and numerous sections of the Anti-terrorism Act.

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As three terrorists attacked the KPO on Friday evening, five individuals, including police and rangers, accepted martyrdom, while 18 others were injured. The three suspects were also slain in a shootout with security officers.

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