Qasim Suri, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, has rejected Prime Minister Imran Khan’s no-confidence motion, declaring it a breach of Article 5 of the Constitution.

Shortly after the session began, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry remarked that under Article 5, every citizen’s fundamental responsibility is to be loyal to the state.

Earlier, in order to avoid any tragic happenings on this critical day, the district administration implemented Section 144 and completely barred pillion riding in Islamabad for today.

According to a statement issued by the deputy commissioner of Islamabad, the Red Zone has been surrounded by big containers and barbed wires, and security across the federal capital has been enhanced.

The local government has also prohibited any form of gathering inside a one-kilometer radius of the Red Zone.

Furthermore, a directive issued by Islamabad’s district magistrate prohibits “any sorts of gatherings of 5 or more individuals, processions/rallies, and protests inside the Red Zone.”

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