LAHORE – The acquittal of PTI politician Dr. Yasmin Rashid in the Jinnah House assault case was contested by the Punjab government on Tuesday.

The provincial administration has petitioned the Lahore High Court to overturn the anti-terrorism court’s decision. It said that the PTI leader had organised the crowd that assaulted the Jinnah House and claimed that the trial court had wrongfully dismissed Ms. Rashid in the case.

The government requested that the LHC annul her acquittal in the case.

The PTI Central Punjab president was fired by the ATC last week in connection with the assault on Lahore’s Jinnah House, also known as Corps Commander House.

In a thorough ruling, the court denied Ms. Rashid’s request for physical remand in relation to a complaint made against her at the Sarwar Road police station. If she had not been detained in connection with any other cases, the court had also ordered her release.

There was no evidence established against Ms. Rashid, according to the ruling.

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