LAHORE — Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has stated that the only answer to the country’s problems is a free and transparent election, and that the government that is elected should establish the rule of law.

On Tuesday, he spoke via video link at a seminar in Karachi, saying that when his party came to power, the country’s position was dire, and the largest challenge his government faced was a current account deficit.

He said that no administration has ever concentrated on expanding exports, and that the situation would have worsened if Saudi Arabia, China, and the United Arab Emirates had not stepped in.

“Coronavirus was the largest crisis during the PTI government’s existence, and I was under a lot of pressure to impose lockdown,” Imran Khan stated, adding that he was chastised for not imposing lockdown, but that if his administration had, people would have died of starvation.

He went on to remark that no one knows where we will be in a month, but according to a Gallup poll, 88 percent of Pakistan s direction is incorrect, and that the country would be unstable until elections are held.

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