(AFP) – According to media sources, the British Tory administration will likely introduce a new measure on Tuesday that will swiftly detain and deport those seeking asylum who enter the country illegally on small boats.

Britain has experienced a significant increase in such entries, clocking a record 45,000 last year, despite Brexit-related vows to tighten control of its borders. As a result, pressure has increased on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to address the issue.

Asylum seekers who enter the nation unlawfully would be made to undergo imprisonment and deportation “as quickly as practically feasible,” according to the bill that will be published on Tuesday, according to the Daily Mail.

The Mail alleges that the law has a “rights brake” that prevents those who arrive by tiny boat from requesting refuge.

According to a settlement reached last year but never implemented due to legal issues, the administration plans to deport at least some individuals to Rwanda.

Illegal immigrants would likewise be permanently prohibited from entering the Country.

Suella Braverman, the home secretary, argued in the Sun on Sunday that Britain “must halt the boats” in support of the new law.

She insisted that anybody entering the country illegally must be apprehended and expelled immediately.

Our policies will be straightforward in both purpose and application; a safe and legal path will be the sole way to get to the UK.

Secretary for Northern Ireland Chris Heaton-Harris, meanwhile, said halting the flow of migrants over the English Channel also “involves correct negotiations that are continuing” with European nations to ensure would-be asylum seekers “are upheld in the first secure place that they come to”.

Before the general elections, in which the opposition Labour Party is now leading in the polls, Sunak has made halting the boats one of his campaign platform promises.

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